What is your Panem Name?

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Joining the Hunger Games bandwagon, Vulture has come out with a fun Hunger Games Name Generator.

Katniss, Effie, Rue, Peeta, Chaff, the Undersees, the Heavensbees, Ceasar Flickerman, Haymitch Abernathy — out of all the unusual, distinctive aspects of The Hunger Games, cool and slightly strange character names are a big one. And now you can have a weird Hunger name, too!

Click the Picture below to try it! And let us know your Panem name in the Comments below!

The Hunger Games Name Generator

source: Vulture

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  1. Kylie says:

    Eusatcia Ivory!!!!!!! Weird name!

  2. Arezoo says:

    This is a random name generator. This is what I got:
    First time: Volumnia Odinshoot
    2nd time: Prine Baxwoll
    3rd time: Pomeline Lickprivick

  3. Tania says:

    Dorethea Yule
    Terra Naysmith

  4. Gabriel says:

    First time: Caldwell Duncain

    Second time: Tiberius Allardyce

  5. Sapphire says:

    First time: Eustacia Whishart

    Second time: Silver Lapworth

    Third time: Otillie Vipointe

    Weirdest name generator ever!

  6. Emily says:

    Thalia Erwin!

  7. Marryanna says:

    Grey Rankine

    Sounds like a District 1 name.


  8. Kitty says:

    Wren Allardyce! I like it 😛

  9. Ewa says:

    Briar Inchcape

  10. lily says:

    Valeria Inchcape

  11. lily says:

    am i married to ewa??????????????????????

  12. Lucy says:

    I kept on clicking submit and each time, with the same name entered, it changed. it was weird. unnofficial

  13. Ellen says:

    1st Time: Katri Galloway
    2nd Tihttp://www.myhungergames.com/forumme: Blye Redpath
    3rd Time: Zenobia Yule

  14. lesa austin says:

    Thalia Allardyce

  15. HaymitchisGod says:

    Gunnar Erwin
    Not that messed up..

  16. The Girl on Fire says:

    Blye Spottiswoode

  17. Natalie/THGfan says:

    Apparently my name is Laurel Galloway. I don’t think its THAT weird.

  18. Loretta'sAwSm says:

    Dixie Rudolphine! I think it’s an awsome name!

  19. dfsdf says:

    Merope Dunbryll:D

  20. Heilee says:

    Ashby Hayes! I like it! =)

  21. Taylor says:

    I’m Gliese Ballantynn. Haha

  22. Helen says:

    Domitia Erwin I LOVE IT

  23. Jillian says:

    Prine Wellwood. I love it! :)

  24. random seeker says:

    Gunnar Redpath it sounds AWESOME like an asassin

  25. Deanna says:

    Eta Perthshire – CUTE

  26. Eleanore says:

    Zenobia Dinwiddie
    Saffra Lockhearst
    Laurel Edenthaw

  27. TeamCloveRulz says:

    LOL! I got Laurel Edenthaw.Sounds so Panem-like. I clicked the Submit button heaps of times and Laurel Edenthaw was the first!

  28. Ayla says:

    Theta Dinwiddie…

    I have no comment for that name XD

  29. ME says:

    WOW… Grey Edenthaw..

  30. Lee says:

    All the times clicked submit it was Plinky Erwin. That’s interesting…..

  31. Yolonda says:

    Katri Ivory. I like it! It’s catchy and sounds normal.

  32. Taylor says:

    I got Rupalia Ogilby. Sound awesome!

  33. Charlotte :) says:

    Briar Roxen 😛

  34. Monique says:

    I got Thalia Yule

  35. MarieNelly says:

    Silver Roxen (lav it!)

  36. Kaitlin says:

    Dixie Scrymgeour

  37. Rhymer says:


  38. wantasugarcube1 says:

    Eustacia Lapworth

  39. Anthony says:

    My Panem name is really wierd. It’s “Fir Algirdas.” Second time, it’s “Talon Clackmannan.”

  40. Brittz says:

    I love mine! Ashleen Edenthaw
    Others: Hannalor Roxen, Katri Duncain, Velvet Rivendell (That ones cool too)Savera Elvinstone. Quite like that one.The guys get cool names: Jugo Ivory

  41. Lu says:

    I like mine: Velvet Ivory

  42. Chelsea says:

    I did this 8 times and this is what I got:

    • Muscida Battenberg
    • Tressa Fairbain
    • Terra Greenlaw
    • Eunia Kinnimonth
    • Columbae Cronin
    • Althea Nairn
    • Silver Redpath
    • Alodia Greenlaw

    Out of first names, I think I like Tressa, Silver and Alodia the most. Out of last names, Greenlaw.

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