Who Do Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence Think They Are? Themselves?

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Jennifer and Josh at the Hunger Games Premiere

Someone sent in a question to Ted at E! Online Asking who Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence think they are?

Dear Ted:

I don’t understand why all these stars are so disrespectful. I just saw on a video Josh Hutcherson dropping f-bombs and Jennifer Lawrence slamming PETA and skinny girls. Do they not realize they are supposed to be role models? PETA is a great organization and, if you are going to curse, try to be more aware of the cameras that are watching you. I am a huge fan of these stars and I think they are incredibly talented, but I do think they could be way more respectful toward their viewers and realize that people judge their character based on how they act. Could Jennifer Lawrence’s careless words and Josh Hutcherson’s potty-mouth bring an end to the young viewers and their parents’ love?

And here is Ted’s response:

Dear Bad Taste:

Look, A, of course I agree with you saying that Jen and Josh are role models. They are two of the hottest young H’wood forces around. But with being an entertainment zenith comes the responsibility of being yourself. If you lose that, you lose everything in my opinion. So, let’s let Josh and Jen just be who they are—whether we always like it or not. I’ll take that over fake, red-carpet plastic any day. P.S. Jen hardly “slammed” PETA and I’ve heard much worse mouths than Josh’s. Lighten up.

I posted this to ask everyone, Do you think actors and actresses who are considered “role models” by the public should censor themselves? Or do you think they should always be who they are naturally?

I (Summer) think they should be who they are. They weren’t asked to be role models and should be allowed to be who they are and speak how they want. They are (despite what some people believe) real living, breathing people. The things that they say make them the charming people they are.

Now you tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Sussie says:

    I think that the actors should be aware enough to know that the media loves to twist things around and just be careful. Not to censor themselves, but just being aware that people are listening to them/reading about them – and some of their fans are actually pretty young. And no, it’s not something you sign up for, but also have some self respect. jmho

  2. Vijeta Walke says:

    I think PETA should grow up!
    Don’t they have bigger responsibilities rather than being defensive against these amazing individuals who hardly slammed them? All in all, everybody should just stop making a controversy of it already.

  3. bailey says:

    I think they should be themselves and yes maybe be aware as everyone should and i think so far they are doing a good job. But i dont think they should not do stuff because they are trying to be good role models because we dont want are role models to be faking.

  4. Jenna Rose says:

    I think that they should be aware in what they say/do because people look at them like role models. so I am just sayin that they should watch it.

    • katniss773 says:

      it makes me want to SCREAM when actors/actresses put on a fake smiles, say scripted words for things other than movies just so Hollywood will like them I idle Jen and Josh for 4 reasons
      1. they are themselves
      2. they are in The Hunger Games
      3. they are talented
      4. they are attractive (Josh is handsome and Jen is pretty)

  5. Katnissfan1997 says:

    i think they should be who they are

  6. Kelly says:

    They should be themselves. I mean we’re talking about a few swear words and a couple of statements. It’s not as if they’re stoning small children in their free time or encouraging people to rob banks.

  7. mickey says:

    If they turn all PC just because the cameras are on, so people will like their fake personas, how is that any different than faking a relationship during the games for sponsorship?
    You can’t ask for someone to be a role model and then get offended by how they act. Everyone is offended by something. I was offended by the person who submitted the query. I am a viewer and a fan and I do not find their behaviour disrepectful at all. Shouldn’t my opinion count as a fan just as much as theirs?
    Also… they’re probably just trollin.

  8. ally says:

    i think they should be themselves

  9. KEE says:

    Well . For a start I love how Jennifer Lawrence is so genuine and that she doesn’t think about what she says. I mean , I saw a interview with Jen and she was aying about how Josh put the Glimmer fake model in her bathroom and she had an … accident. No other Hollywood star would say that ! I just think thats so genuine and she has nothing to hide. And I think Josh is great to and he’s also one for telling…

  10. Elle says:

    Geez, people need to lighten up! Everybody’s always so concerned about influencing young people. Well, I happen to think that Josh and Jennifer are amazing role models for young people. They’re REAL. They’re also smart, successful, and talented, not to mention the fact that they have (thankfully) avoided the more unsightly trappings of fame (excessive partying, sex tapes, DUIs).

  11. PeetaLuv (Paloma) says:

    Well as we all know Josh illegally purchased beer with a fake ID and is expecting a TON more body art to possible where is mid section is covered in ink (not that one or two tattoos is a bad thing). is fame changing the Josh we thought we knew?

    • P. says:

      I disagree with you. We currently DON’T KNOW whether or not its true Josh illegally purchased alcohol with a “FAKE ID”. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing that Josh wants tattoos. He gets them for a reason, and both of his recent tattoos have a meaning behind them. Getting tattoos doesn’t change who he is. Of course, turning 18, you’re allowed to get tattoos and obviously he couldn’t do that when he was still a minor.

    • Summer says:

      Wow, are you kidding me? I’m not famous and I know so many people who purchase alcohol illegally and get tattoos. What does doing those activities have to do with being famous or the “fame” getting to him? He is young and young people like to drink and have fun. He should not be deprived of that privilege because he’s a celebrity.

  12. Peeta's wife says:

    They should be who they are because if they do that they are promoting for everyone else to be themselves

  13. “Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to…to show them that they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their Games.”
    That is all.

    • Angelina says:

      That tells it all…..

      • Summer says:

        In a recent interview I read about Jen, she also says she can relate to Katniss because she feels like Hollywood can also be a “game.” I respect her for saying that more than if she tried to act like everything about that world is okay.

        In fact, I respect both of them for being more “real,” than trying to be perfect role models.

  14. Peeta Fan says:

    hollywood shouldnt make a person become a new person just because they’re famous. Josh should’nt have to watch every word he says and Jen can say watever about PETA it great that they’re not becoming new people because they’re mega popular.

  15. HungerGamesLover says:

    pretty sure josh dropped the f-bomb when he didnt think he was being filmed (it was on Punk’d) and Jen was obviously joking but like everything else they say, it gets blown up and exaggerated

  16. laney says:

    they should be who they are. like seriously im in 6th grade, and everyone i know [except me, really] curses and swears like over 10 times everyday. they should just do what they want. no one every said that part of there jobs was teaching kids not to do say “potty words”

  17. Cathy says:

    Old fan here, says from his interviews he doesn’t drop cuss words.
    You should be a Josh Jackson fan, another former chld actor he can’t help dropping cuss words. :)

  18. Autumn says:

    I think they need to be who they r. That said maybe try to be a good influence but u know it’s their lives and who am I to judge. We may not always like why they do but seriously a lot of people prob do the same thing. Josh in Jen r famous I get it but they’re still real people who can do wat they want.

  19. Erik says:

    I think that Josh should probably try to refrain from dropping f-bombs while the cameras are rolling since young people look up to him. Even older people like myself are offended by that word. But I don’t think Jennifer should change her stance on PETA just to appease people who support them.

  20. Lu says:

    When you lose the ability of being yourself, you’re doomed. These two young actors are the funnest I’ve seen in interviews (together and by themselves) and they look very mature for their ages and in my 30’s I can relate to them. That’s better than seeing actors pose in interviews and pretend.
    So to that original message I quote Scully: Sure. Fine. Whatever 😀
    Life is short.

  21. Phuong says:

    Josh and Jennifer should be who they are. Yes, they are role models, but the fact that they BOTH are themselves and not care what the media thinks and such think of them, its a bigger influence on younger people, showing that you should be who you are. Josh and Jennifer both use swear words, and so does the rest of the world but that’s not changing who they are as a person. They’re both genuine people. They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. They are THEMSELVES and that’s what’s important.

  22. One who ponders on celeb phsycology says:

    I think that we need to remember that all audiences are looking up to these people, whether they like it or not your a role model. that comes with the business.
    With the cursing, I think that if you let one or two bad words slip out that people shouldn’t shun you. but if you are just doing that cause you think its cool, you totally just lost a fan.
    I am sorry but cussing is meant to hurt people, not make happy rainbows and butterflies appear!
    As for the PETA thing. I think that they shouldn’t be so sensitive, it will ruin their rep.
    But celebs dissing things publicly isn’t the best thing either…

    The media does seem to twist things so just a warning peeps. whatever you say or do will reflect your personality.
    good is good you don’t have much room for gossip. slip up once or twice though, and you done for.

    Josh’s tatoos…. well I think that he is hot enough that I don’t want him to have his body covered in ink….
    so i think I will say this as a fan.
    But as a teenager, I will say that it is your life and I can’t stop you…. just remember when your 80 and wrinkly that they will still be there old and faded….

    There are my words of wisdom

    • katniss773 says:

      They are p-e-o-p-l-e some people act as if celebs are aliens but they are people,normal people who do normal people things the only differences are they are on camera and also may have more money.They are normal people who get their words used against them if it isn’t what people want to hear i bet you swear and your a role model to at least one person so don’t act like it’s a crime for celebs to swear or dis things they might not like.

      p.s. i agree with u on the tattoo thing.

  23. Truther says:

    Only mindless sheep would look to movie actors as role models. Truth.

  24. IheartHungergames says:

    I think that yes, you need to be careful what you do sometimes but imagine if they couldnt be themselves because thats what they are famous for, being them. There not perfect but neither is anyone else,so I think that if you want them to be good rolemodels for people of all ages you need to let THEM take on that responsibility.

  25. Marissa says:

    I guess it depends what celebrities. As far as Josh, he was saying that in the interview for ‘adult viewers’ so younger people shouldn’t be watching that anyway. And with Jen’s comment about PETA, that was sorta a joke. She was just skinning squirrels, it wasn’t that big of a deal. People shoot squirrels all the time. They’re annoying. And she didn’t slam skinny people, just people that tried to hard to be skinny. They’re great and part of their appeal is that they act as themselves- what you see is what you get.

  26. Robin says:

    I think it’s a little too much to ask of them to be perfect role models. They’re are their own person before they’re role models, so let them be themselves. Just because people look up to them doesn’t mean they have to change to fit what we want them to be. They’re humans and humans make mistakes, so ligthen up on Josh cussing and Jen making a joke.

  27. Katnissfan1997 says:

    Just leave them alone nobody is perfect and you would be wrong to think that because they are a celebrity they should always be perfect. Because they can’t let them be who they want and pay no attention to their faults because everyone has faults and we overlook those but when a celebrity has one it is big news. truth is they are normal people so let them be.

  28. Ellie says:

    It’s not like they’ve been asked to be role models, and really people should appreciate that they’re being themselves and not Hollywood’s idea of perfect. I think it’s great Jennifer slammed skinny girls, I’m curvy myself and I think the whole size zero thing just looks plain unhealthy. You wouldn’t have any boobs unless you paid for them! And as for Josh’s swearing, who gives a bloody damn? We all swear. Even those stuffed shirts who cry into their pillow at night. And so what if he buys alcohol underage? I have friends who’ve been doing it since they were twelve.
    At the end of the day, no-one should model themselves to what others think they should be- it’s the stupid image of all these squeaky clean Disney stars who should be slammed- they’ve probably all got miserable lives trying to be so bloody perfect all the time. What a waste of time. I’d rather be having fun than being presentable. At least Josh and Jennifer have personalities. That’s more than what you could say to these people who complain about them.

  29. What makes them so different from us??? None of us are perfect are neither are they. If they buy alcohol, so what? My mates are all twelve like me and said couple. Drink too. I really don’t seewhy they should be all sparkly and innocent… They need some time to be themselves because nobody needs to be soo perfect dothey?

    • katniss773 says:

      first of all if your friends are 12 and drinking you need to tell an adult,second of all everyone is a role model for someone and as u said no one and i mean NO ONE is perfect.Not even Josh (although he is mostly perfect)and Jen(she is my hero along with Jacqueline Emerson and Isabelle Fuhrman).So leave them be.

  30. BlankNameUnavailable says:

    Hearing this just crushed my spirits…… Because im a Christian and I really like Josh as an actor. I love all his movies. But hearing this disappoints me.

  31. they should be themseleves,BUT they should be carful of what they say be cause you dont know when a camra crew is a round .

  32. katniss773 says:

    Josh is all about being himself and so many people i know follow by what he says about being your self and staying in touch with who you really are.Josh is a really good person so let him be a potty-mouth every once and a while.

  33. Beth MacAulay says:

    first of all Josh said the f-bomb when he didn’t know he was being fillmed on punk’d and plus he was being pranked and so he was nervous about wat was happeing and it more then likely just slipped out because he didn’t know what was going on.

    Jen has her own opinion on PETA and you might have a diffrent opinion than her then thats ok thats why thy are opinions!!!

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