Woody Harrelson says The Hunger Games movie is staggering

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Woody Harrelson has had a chat to MTV about what fans can expect from his performance as Haymitch and The Hunger Games movie itself.

A couple of things he revealed included that he didn’t want “to do the paunch” and that he tried to go against the typical concept of what Haymitch would be like.

He also told MTV that the overall look of The Hunger Games movie was “staggering”.

Woody had a lot of priase for his younger co-stars, especially Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta and Jennifer Lawrence who is Katniss.


I love how he struggled to explain what the Capitol is like telling MTV, “t’s almost impossible to describe, it’s so unusual. Even ice in the glass, even the glasses are not normal glasses. There’s nothing that you’ve seen before. It’s real original artistic vision,” he said. “I think people are going to like it.”

Another interesting aside is that Woody has signed on for all four movies. Which is GREAT news :)

You can see the entire article and the interview at MTV.

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