Writing Contest – Win Tickets to The Hunger Games Premiere

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Scholastic, the publishers of The Hunger Games series, is running a competition for students in Grade 6 through to 12, giving them a chance to win tickets to the premiere of The Hunger Games movie.

To enter, you need to write your own dystopian story.

Here’s the details:

What’s your version of a world gone horribly wrong? Write a dystopian story that depicts a terrifying future, and you could win a trip to attend The Hunger Games movie premiere!

Entries must not exceed four (4) pages on paper no larger than 9″ x 12″ and include the following information: student’s name, age, and grade; teacher’s name; and school name, address, and phone number. Winners will be selected based on creativity, execution, and clarity of thought. Winners will be notified on or about March 5, 2012.

Print a Class Certificate of Completion

And here’s the Prize:

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for two to a location to be determined, to attend the March 2012 premiere of “The Hunger Games.”

The trip includes air fares and a night’s accommodation as well as $400 spending money.

Deadline: February 12, 2012

Head here for more details

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  1. Gianna says:

    Do you have to have a teacher?

  2. Xft29 says:

    We can not send it through email right? Btw is this competition only for USA?

  3. Jennifer says:

    hey, can I send it in spanish ?

  4. hungergamesfan!!! says:

    Xft29: yes, sadly :-(

  5. Taylor says:

    What if we have several different teachers? =/

  6. Sigrid Peters says:

    Hate it to live in Belgium, argh!

  7. Wendy says:

    Too bad I am not a few years younger, good luck to all the young writers! This would be awesome.

  8. Megan Hutcherson says:

    I wish the Irish could enter it. D;

  9. Diana says:

    Wait, where do we send the the story?

  10. Zoe Allen says:

    I’m entering! And although I’m only in sixth grade–at the bottom of the pack– I have a feeling I really stand a chance!

  11. Alina Lam says:

    the movie is showing on my birthday and if i win i will be the happiest girl in the world
    im in 8th grade and im 13 years old

  12. Hales says:

    Do we have to write a full story? Or can It just be like an intro? Or a chapter?

  13. Brittnie says:

    If you go to the site and everything, it cant be more than 4 pages, and it shows the adress to send it to. I’m exited because ive been told im a pretty good writer and im in the age range! Good luck to everyone else.

  14. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    THAT SUCKS! :(

    Anyway, good luck to everyone! Make us pround!

  15. THG says:

    2 competitions have gone out with the prize of being able to attend the ‘The Hunger Games’ movie premier, but they are only for citizens of the United States, which SUCKS!

    Can they not make one WORLD WIDE, that would be awesome!

    though still good luck to anyone who is participating in the contest.

  16. Skylar says:

    I am entering!!! My story is awesome and people say I write Like a pro. I can’t wait for the movie, and good luck to all who is entering!!

  17. Nik says:

    Too bad for all the places that can’t enter. :(
    I’m entering and I hope I get it :)

    May the odds be ever in your favor to my fellow competitors!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kaya says:

    I am so intering

  19. Clove says:

    So entering this! I have entered and won writing competitions before! Bring it on! Good luck to all who are entering!

  20. McKenna says:

    Entering. I just emailed them about specifics, because all the ideas in my head might not fit into 4 pages. I wanted to know if it had to be typed/written, and if typed what font or does it matter? Also, if it has to be an entire story with a beginning, middle, and end, or if it can just be the premise of a dystopian era. I hope I find out soon. :)

  21. Trinny says:

    so the contest is for residences of the united states only.

  22. kaitlyn says:

    my friend and i called scholastic and the lady said k-6:)

  23. remy says:

    can 5th graders compete?

  24. remy says:

    my friend and i called scholastic and the lady said, k-6

  25. Kelci Brook says:

    I’ll enter. Good luck to everyone entering! Hope you just have fun with this rather than just for the tickets…like me :)

  26. Brighton Kilgore says:

    Where can I get more details for this?

  27. Kelci Brook says:

    You NEED to have all enteries in the mail sent to:TAB/TRC Dystopian Writing Contest, P.O. Box 714, New York, NY, 10013-0714
    by Febuary 12! It takes 2-7 days for any mail at any state in the USA to get to New York. So I recomend you send them before 7 days because no late enteries will be accepted! it says so on https://clubs.scholastic.com/clubs/contests/rules/Dystopian.htm

  28. Alli Hansen says:

    can there be two people’s name on this or just one persons name

  29. Kiwi says:

    Taylor: Same situation, I’m doing my favorite one though.

  30. Alex :) says:

    Ok…..So I am definatly going to enter but only people from 6-12 can enter so all thoes people thinking its k-6 is wrong. Sorry kids. I would love people to proofread my essay! :) If anyone is interested email me! Also if anyone wants me to proofread their’s you can send me yours. I promise I won’t steal any ideas!

  31. Jen says:

    ok, on the scholastic website…it says the following:
    Entries must include the following information: student’s name, age, and grade; teacher’s name; and school name, address, and phone number.
    I don’t mean to seem stupid, but i t wants MY address and phone number, right? cause I go to an online school…there’s not really an address

    • MyHungerGames says:

      I would send a quick email to Scholastic to see if they can help you out with that? I really don’t know all the finer details of their competition…but good luck with entering… it would be a fantastic prize to win.

  32. Yea …… I adore this book! i REALLY am happy that they decided to make a movie and i wanna enter this competition but i donno where to send the stoyr to….

  33. Jack Martin says:

    Is it really a story or more of a description of the world?

  34. Colin says:

    I am definitely entering this, does it have to be written or can it be typed

  35. Brianna says:

    It can be typed, most writing contest entries can. I am totally entering, I just wish that if I win I could take my friend with me…oh well. If any one wants a proof reader e-mail me at the address below. I promise I won’t steal any ideas.


  36. Brianna says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I meant to put this in the last one. Does anyone know if you can be home schooled? It doesn’t seem fair that you wouldn’t be able to, but I wanted to check before I spent alot of time on his. Thanks!

  37. Hamilton says:

    @Brianna – The official rules for eligibility are as follows:

    3. Contest is open to students in grades 6 and up who are legal residents of the United States. Employees, and members of their families living in the same household, of Sponsor, and its parent, subsidiaries, brokers, distributors, dealers, retailers, affiliates, and their respective advertising, promotion and production agencies, (collectively, the “related entities”), are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. One entry per person.

    There is nothing there that specifies that you must attend a public or private school so I would assume homeschoolers are eligible as well. Good to see a fellow homeschooler here :-)

  38. Colin says:

    I have a couple ideas but they suck

  39. Peyton says:

    I really really really hope I win but good luck to everyone btw is it a whole story or just how it gets to be horrible

  40. WHERE DO YOU SEND THE STORY?!?!?!?!?!?

    there’s no link or email!! PLZ PLZ

  41. This makes me a very saaaaad panda 😛

  42. Wadle Kinz says:

    I was the only one to get a 100% on my essay. Happiness. 😀

  43. Colin says:

    @Johnny Bo Bohnny you mail it to this address:
    TAB/TRC Dystopian Writing Contest, P.O. Box 714, New York, NY, 10013-0714

  44. I am so stoked!!!! xD

    If anyone needs proofreading or would like help soon, feel free to e-mail me! And I would like some insight on my story as well (:

  45. Colin says:

    I’m not done yet but I read some stories and I was wondering if anyone needed proof-reading because I can definitely help e-mail me at colinmcclatchey@yahoo.com

  46. Miranda says:

    How do I enter my story once i have it finished? :) I’m completely new to this write to win sort of competions….

  47. Abby:) says:

    It says above that it’s grades 6-12, no matter what happened when you called socialastic. They were probably talking about the other writing contest :) and for more information, click the yellow ‘head here for more details’.

  48. bryce says:

    i’m in 8th grade and i am determined to win

  49. Miranda says:

    i’m in 7th grade and let me say ” you haz some competion!!!” ( that’s me) :) good luck!!!

  50. Morgan Borrego says:

    Ok, i had some pretty strong confidence, but then i saw that there are others on here that seem even more confident. Now, i am confidentless.

  51. Aly says:

    @Morgan Don’t worry, I was the same exact way and almost gave up on the contest all together because I was no longer confident. But then I had a mini-intervention with myself and realized that these people feel exactly the same, they are just sharing their confidence with the public. Nothing is won yet, so don’t throw in the towel. Give it a try! :)

  52. alexandra says:

    were do we send it to?

  53. alexandra says:

    I hope i win…. but may the odds EVER be in your favor!!!

    (still don’t know were to send the story to :/)

  54. Angelica says:

    Where do we send it to?

  55. billie beaird says:

    Can i put my moms name or someone older then me im 11 in 5th grade but i love the hunger games and i would love to win so is it ok if i just put my mom or someone older on mine? please?

  56. Hamilton says:

    @billie beaird – This is Scholastic’s contest, not ours, we have no say in the rules or winners, we just posted the link here to share the opportunity with all of our great readers. I don’t think Scholastic would allow someone to win who is not eligible according to their rules. However, there are a number of other contests right now for premiere tickets, some of which have no age limits. You can see the full list on our post here – http://www.myhungergames.com/hungergames50-win-a-trip-to-the-premiere-new-movie-trailer-and-more Buzsugar, Collider, M Magazine, and ShockYa are some of the sites that have no age restrictions on winners. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  57. Brianna says:

    Sent mine in Tuesday! I tis going to be a loooonnnnngggg wait until the 5th of March to find out who won! Good luck to everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor!

  58. gia says:

    Will they accept if i postmark it??

  59. Karah Marker says:

    Alright so I finished my story, I was so confident but then I got on here and their a lot of other confident people so now Im less confident Ahhh Im scared, for everyone, Im sure evryone worked so hard. May the Odds be ever in your favor! Good Luck

  60. Kylie says:

    So excited to find out who won the contest!! I entered! but I’m only in 6th grade, bottom of the pack! but i’m pretty confident! my story is good! (I think)

  61. Sooooo excited. Woo. Yea long wait so no stressing but once it gets closer imma be freaking out!! xP

    OKAY So we are all writers or lovers of the Hunger Games Trilogy and I have created an RPG HG Site! I want to have the Hunger Games soon. It is a test Hunger Games but all you have to do is create a character and reserve your spot as tribute! We only have a couple spots filled and I want to try out my system. It is going to be awesome so I suggest we have our own Hunger Games! Just check out the rules and information there. It’s all pretty simple(:

    So excited and I hope to get this going! I might even post my story later, but you gotta remember it has been copyright xP But yea I’ll put it up sometime. I’m actually writing it as a book so this is like the beginning of it. I’d also like some insight on it as well!

    Sooooo here’s the site! http://thepanemgames.proboards.com/
    (I’m Aria on there btw)

    I love My Hunger Games! And the awesome epic amazing hardcore fans of my favorite series. Let’s do this!

  62. Morgan Borrego says:

    all that’s left is the dreadful wait.

  63. testing says:

    Um. Testing.testing. testing. Testing. Testing. Testing.testing. testing. Testing. Lalalala.

  64. Katniss says:

    The most horrifying would be if the capitol told us we all had to fight in the U.S war… Most of us would be dead.

  65. Brianna says:

    Are they posting the results here?

  66. Colin says:

    they dont have it yet and it is March 5 I even checked scholastic.com

  67. Clare says:

    YEEEE!!! I cant wait for the results!

  68. A COOL GUY says:

    I entered it. I will soon find out the results.

  69. Melon says:

    how will we find out who won? And how are the going to tell you that you won?

  70. maddi says:

    hey wen r the winnners gonna be posted

  71. Hamilton says:

    This is Scholastic’s contest, not ours. It says the winner would be notified around March 5. It doesn’t look they have the winner posted on their website yet but I would guess that they will be contacting the winner directly first.

  72. maddi says:

    well u dont gatta be so rude and how old r u or like what grade cause i bet im younger than u so be the bigger person

  73. haley says:

    have they posted a winner yet/ im dieing to know

  74. haley says:

    does anyone know who the winner is???!!!!!!!

    • MyHungerGames says:

      For all of you checking in about the winner of this contest, unfortunately we don’t know.
      I’m sure the winner would be notified, but if you’re keen to find out, please check in with Scholastic, as they were running this one and will no doubt make some kind of announcement.
      If, we are notified, we’ll post something here, but otherwise, we simply just don’t have that information.

  75. Alright. So they will be posting and/or notifying the winner on the 8th since there were so many entries. Someone had contacted Scholastic and that’s what they said. So no need to really freak out and scream and pull out our hair for a couple days. Even though we all still are. I KNOWWW GAHHHH.

    Ahem, anyway. So the 8th will be the next deadline for announcing the winner. ^.^

  76. Clare says:

    So… Now the winner will be notified on the 8th? Uh! I can’t wait!!! 😀

  77. Zoianne says:

    I’m really confused. I guess the winner was notified already and the runner ups will be posted on the web as well as winner on the 8th? Either this or what I said before. Don’t take my word but this is the information I’m hearing.

  78. KMW says:

    “may the odds be ever in your favor!” good luck all!!

  79. Brianna says:

    So they are notifying and/or announcing the winner on the 8th? Great! Now I don’t have to really for a few more days, but they aren’t giving the winner much time, if it’s a girl they would have to find a dress or something to where…

  80. Colin says:

    For everyone who is entered, as Effie would say, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

  81. Kit says:

    who won?

  82. Brianna :O says:

    I have been on the edge of my seat here, waiting for the winner… I am SOOO anxious!!! I know I’m not going to win but I better get a runners up because my story was pretty freakin good.

  83. Helen says:

    Congratulations to whoever won! You had a really cool story! Too bad i didn’t win, but i’m still going to the movie! Have fun winner!

  84. Colin says:

    There is only one winner (of course) and they are not showing the runners up, but here is a link to the winning story https://clubs.scholastic.com/clubs/contests/images/Dystopian/entries/lydiab.pdf

  85. maddi says:

    wait who won?????????????

  86. Haley says:

    Congrats to whoever won.i read it and it was very descriptive. But does anyone know who the runner ups are???!!!!


  87. Katniss Everdeen says:

    Checked All fo Them Out! All were Great! ~ May The Odds Be Ever in youre Favor ~

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