Zap2It Contradicts Finnick Odair Casting Rumors

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Yesterday E! Online reported that Finnick Odair casting for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was down to the final three. Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer and Garret Hedlund have been rumored to be the “finalists” for the role.

However, Zap2It is saying this is false. According to them many actors are still in the running for the role, and final decisions are far from being made.

E! Online reports that Kitsch, Hammer and Hedlund are the names Lionsgate wants, but Zap2it’s source says nobody’s in the lead just yet considering talks only began on Tuesday (May 29). Actors are still reading for the role, and the studio is strongly considering bringing in an unknown to avoid ego clashes on set. It’s easy to understand the mix-up — someone probably got their hands on the confidential memo going around that reveals the three men are currently on the shortlist of dudes we’d love to marry in a fantasy dream world. (Honestly, any list with those three guys on it is a win-win-win situation.)

The scenes the actors are reportedly reading for the role include the sugar cube scene where Finnick first meets Katniss and the scene where he hears Annie’s scream.

We’re still confident whomever Lionsgate chooses for the role will be great, we’ll be keeping our eye out for any official word!

source: Zap2It

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  1. Lauren is amazing says:

    my prayers and hopes are all for taylor kitsch!! i’ve loved him from friday night lights and will love him even more if he gets this role!!

  2. justusinfinity says:


  3. Lu says:

    Still, I like Armie. Can’t wait for the official announcement :)

  4. Zach says:

    It should be Garrett Hedlund.

  5. peeta lover says:

    i just want to know who is going to be finnick . im very courious about this like whos playing annie or wiress . the sooner the better , right?

  6. ticktock12 says:

    either Taylor or Garret, that Armie guy looks like a hobbit lmoa

  7. Mariah says:

    I just wanna know who’s gonna be Finnick. I can’t wait !! I Hope they’ll announce it soon (:

  8. KJ says:

    Yeah! I wasn’t thrilled with these choices. However, I know whomever it is…someone’s not going to be happy about it. STILL, this gives me hope.

  9. Victoria says:

    YESS I got so stressed out when I saw the rumors about them being in the final three because I don’t think any of them suits being Finnick. An unknown actor would have been great!

  10. Summer says:


  11. Annie says:

    My life is currently focused on finding out who Finnick is.

  12. Kelly says:

    I’m all about an unknown. It’s funny to me how many men are coming out and saying that they are NOT playing Finnick. I have a feeling that this will be a casting decision that the fandom won’t see coming.

  13. AbbeyOdair says:

    Ive wanted garrett for Finnish ever since I read the books a long time ago:) I mean, have you SEEN those eyes?!?

  14. Rose says:

    still holding out hope for Grant Gustin over here…

    maybe they should cast an unknown, just so no-one expects it and so it contradicts everything we’ve ever thought…?

  15. Jessica says:

    I think what’s important in casting Finnick Odair is that Finnick is suppose to be 24. Can you honestly say any of these guys look 24 and not practically 30? Oddly enough the youngest of the 3 looks the oldest O.o

  16. Alex says:

    I do not want to see either Armie or Garrett they would ruin this movie. I dont think they have the looks or the acting chops to do it. I also read that Armie doesnt want to take his shirt off for any more roles,so I dont think he fits at all. Chace Crawford has the acting chops the looks and the body to do it.

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